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What is CEREC?

This is an amazing process that took over 35 years of research and clinical trials to make it the miracle it has become today. CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction.

Our CEREC Omnicam machine works using digital software to take a 3D camera image of your prepared tooth. The software allows for refining the form and fit of the crown on the tooth with computer accuracy. Then, using a CEREC Bloc® made of high quality, durable ceramic, the CEREC Omnicam machine mills a custom, metal free restoration in about an hour based on the doctor’s design. Temporaries, gagging impression material and multiple visits are a thing of the past.

Rarely, if there are fit problems, we adjust the settings in the software and mill another crown. This is by far the most efficient and accurate way to restore a tooth. Due to the lack of metal, it is also natural in appearance along-side the other teeth in your mouth. Finally, we will place your final crown during this single visit, and you’ll leave our office with a healthy smile.

CEREC Omnicam – Because Your Time Is As Important As Your Smile


At Bluffton Dental Care, we are dedicated to providing the most up to date technology to our patients. One of the most common restorations in dentistry is the crown (cap).

In the not so distant past, after the affected tooth was prepared to receive the crown, a temporary crown would be made while the final restoration was fabricated at a dental laboratory. One of the problems with temporaries is that they are ?temporary?. The idea is to make it secure enough to stay on and not so loose it can come out. Often times this temporary crown can come off or break. Due to an unavoidable lack of seal due to the temporary cement, the patient sometimes experiences sensitivity to temperature.

To provide the lab with all that was needed, an impression would be made of your tooth and opposing teeth utilizing a soft impression material in a tray. This would set hard providing the ?impressions?. Not only can this introduce inaccuracies, it is generally uncomfortable to have this feeling of mouth fullness in the process.
A second visit is needed to deliver the crown which sometimes means being numbed again. If there is a problem in the fitting, sometimes a new impression may be needed and the temporary crown is placed back on again extending the process even longer.

Because your smile is as valuable as your time, we use one-visit crowns fabricated with CEREC Omnicam. As the name implies, you need just one appointment for tooth preparation and placement of your permanent crown.

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