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Sustainable tooth replacement method

For decades, the oral health profession has searched for a more efficient and sustainable tooth replacement method – a method that would allow patients to once again enjoy all of the benefits of a full set of natural teeth. Dentures, while effective to a point, possess a number of undesirable attributes, including patient discomfort, limited ability to eat certain foods, and the inconvenience of adhesives and nightly removal.

Thanks to modern dental implant technology and the skills of doctors like Dr. Jenkins at Bluffton Dental Care, patients in need of a new, complete set of teeth can finally achieve the functional smile they’ve always wanted in less time than ever before.

Non Removable Dentures With Implants

This type of teeth replacement is called a Hybrid Denture. This prosthesis can be used whether or not there are remaining teeth that need to be extracted. Depending on the quantity of bone, four to six implants are placed per dental arch. There is also the patented All-on-4® concept where as few as four titanium posts are implanted in strategic positions within the jaw. Because of their unique angled placement, the implants do not interfere with the sinus cavities on the upper or the major nerve on the lower; this positioning has been shown to result in improved patient comfort and general health of the jaws and face.

In either case, a provisional all acrylic prosthesis is retrofitted and attached with screws the same day as the surgery. Instructions are given as to follow-up care and eating. After a period of four to six months, a permanent, titanium bar reinforced prosthesis is constructed. This provides the long lasting strength and beauty of a healthy, functional smile.

Removable Dentures With Implant Support

removable dentures

In order to be a good candidate for dental implants, you must have good oral health and adequate bone structure. If you don’t meet the criteria, don’t worry, mini dental implants are often a good option for patients who can’t withstand implant surgery or who don’t have enough bone to allow for full sized implants. For many patients who have worn dentures for years, the bone structures within the jaw have deteriorated to a point that traditional root form dental implants cannot be placed.

In many cases, mini dental implants can be placed and your denture secured that same day. The surgery is minimally invasive. Generally there are no incisions or sutures. Since only a very small hole is created for the mini-implants, there is minimal, if any bleeding. Healing time is much shorter than with traditional root form implants and as mentioned earlier, the dentures can be attached the same day.

Treatments take a lot less time than you think. Call Bluffton Dental Care today for your complimentary consultation!

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